R. Eloby Chicago, Il USA

I met this m**********r about 6 years ago and had to find out that he had a B***H already… When we first met it was just a F**k and get high thang but then I started liking his a*s cause he had money and was giving it up easily. He help me out when I needed him but this m**********r is back seeing the same B***H that he said he didn’t want to have s**t to do with. Me and my family was just at his house last week when the other B***H came knocking on his door talking about give her the insurance papers for the ring he bought her. He told me she was lying but I believe her cause that’s just the B***H s**t he does. I have only tried to show him I care but that’s not good enough. He wants a person that would s**t on him and treat him bad then a good woman like me. I hope his a*s rots in H**L!!!!


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