Quynh Nguyen. Los Angeles, CA, USA

The cheapest w***e, prostitute, paid escort, scammer and thief ever on the planet earth

This is the most shamefully existed Vietnamese W***e EVER, PERIOD!!!

It (Quynh Nguyen) is cheap, fake and in no way looks like a regular professional with normal career background. Purely tacky and low class. It will steal and scam. You are most safe to stay away from Quynh Nguyen, for it can’t be trusted.

Quynh Nguyen serves h***y men on booty call basis just like how fast food chain McDonald’s serves hamburgers – quick, fast and in large quantity. An escort who has extremely low self-respect and value.

According to many, it completely looks fake and cheap from head to toe. Its cheek bones looks unnatural after cosmetics surgery.

It seduces married man and young teenagers. There is no moral or ethics with this unclassy, gross w***e.

But what comes really cheap and ugly is the inside. Like said earlier, it is insanely cheap and is willing to be a doormat at any given time to satisfy her own low self. It knees down to beg man to keep it when it was dumped for being a prostitute, too lack of class and too easy.

Quynh Nguyen, if for one day you don’t quit being a prostitute, your # of reports here will grow. Guaranteed!!


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