Quynh Nguyen. Los Angeles, CA, USA

The cheapest, most tacky, fake Vietnamese w***e/s**t who is too easy, have extremely low class and herpes disease

Cheap w***e like Quynh Nguyen is easy to get and it bends down on both knees to do whatever for any types of basters on any conditions or terms. Eventually it gets. This is a quite shameful Vietnamese s**t EVER, PERIOD!!!

Quynh Nguyen serves men just like how fast food chain McDonald’s serves hamburgers-quick, fast and in large quantity.

But no stupid man marry cheap w***e so cheap w***e like Quynh Nguyen always end up being cheap while selling its cheap body. No wonder the look and outside are so fake and tacky as well. It all comes from the inside :d In the end, the guy kicks It (Quynh Nguyen) in the forehead and trashes this low level s**t to the curb.

Its profession is quite questionable with that nonprofessional look. It has no way to actually support itself without whoring-xx to help Itself out. Quynh Nguyen will literally do whatever it takes to get what It wants. It is literally an ugly fly that will cling to whatever It can get, whether it is short term or condescending.

It looks really fake overall and has the cheakbones that have gone through cosmetics surgery.

It is a money scammer, stalker, liar and borderline physco! It is greedy and cares about nobody but herself. What a w***e.

Quynh Nguyen is easy and also has genital herpes. It spreads this disgusting and incurable disease to anyone who will do It.


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