Praveen Purena, Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

Praveen Purena is a crooked crook. I gave this individual some money because he said he needed my help. The amount he told me was supposed to help him out of a very tight situation. Feeling a sense of compassion for Praveen I decided to do so hoping he would repay back what was given to him. Little did I know this would never happen.

In fact up till this day he (Praveen Purena) has never repaid back what I gave to him. Every attempt to reach him either through different formats such as by E-mail or by phone has been met with little success since there is no response from him or calls never get picked up by him.

In essence Praveen Purena is a stealer and crook and a cheater. This complaint I make is to warn others about him and that he should never, ever, ever be trusted ever again by anyone at any time at all.


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