Phillip Titla

I will not give many details because I wish to remain anonymous. I spent a couple of years dating this man. He is very physically handsome and charismatic. Don’t let him lie to you. You deserve better than him and he doesn’t deserve you. During my own investigation, I was able to turn up many FACTS. He occasionally saw other women even though we were to be just with each other. He frequently used his kids and his ex-wife as his excuse to keep our relationship from being too public (jealous ex-wife that will use his kids against him to get even—not true). Later, after a second reconnect with him (dumb I know for letting him talk his was back in) I listened to his voice mail over about a weeks’ time to hear three different women. They said the things to him I know he likes to hear. After a few days they would call to express how torn up they were over him and how they needed to talk to him. Oh yeah, I also found him on a speed dating web site. Don’t let this be you. He currently works in San Carlos, AZ. He had talked of moving soon…at the end of the school year. He also seems to prefer married women for his secret lovers…guess they are more likely to stay quiet. Good luck ladies!


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