phillip e drake st Petersburg fl

this guy comes off as the nicest and loyal guy u ll ever meet, but u just don’t know he is a number 1 cheater, liar and sneaky man. As soon as I met him I got an std then while he started dating me he would go with 5 other women on the side. I started paying his bills , cook, but his clothes and all I got in return was lies and lies. A year went by and I got another std , my life was miserable depress and crazy. He would lie and say he was gonna change but he didn’t change , one thing after another then he got a girl pregnant and had another lover on the side. He put my children throught stress and drama, he used me for the money and be his slave . He slept with nasty women while I was looking good and taking caring the family. Don’t believe this monster , he cares about himself only. I left and he went back with one of the old hookers and still ask me for s*x and bj s. Disgusting human being


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  1. Don’t worry men like this always get it back ! karma is a b***h, he’s very easy to locate where he lives and works, he needs eyes in the back of his head !

  2. D**n I work with this guy, I knew he had to be a pimp. Couple girls come here to work to see him off and on. He is a weird dude, always wondered what the hoes come here for , he is cool and quiet .

  3. he isn’t a pimp, he is a liar,cheater,user. He lies to everyone doesn’t matter if its male or female. I bet he even lies to guys at work!!!!!!

  4. He isn’t bad , I got blamed for all this post but the guy works his a*s off and is charming. Things didn’t work out between us but he was fun, adventurous and nice to be around. He got me nice gifts and always paid for nice dinners, amusement parks, trips , etc. Wild and naughty s*x , all the time . I ll never forget , any man has a weak side and I can’t judge him but we had a great open relationship to keep the fun in flames. Overall he is amazing person with a big heart. ❤️❤️ Wish him the best?

    1. Jenny what a b***h you are. did you learned a lesson from dating a jerk? how could you?? get a life, Im sure he is paying for all the crazy woman he played

    2. I agree with some of what you said but the s*x? It was ordinary and quick. He is really insecure always asking do you like my d**k? Is it big enough? Do you like our s*x?

  5. Be aware of this man, trading mechanic services for s*x. He wanted to have an outgoing fwb with my girl but he invited her to a near by parking lot at 4am to get a b******b. I tried to contact him but he changed his number after she declined. White trash

  6. I wish i found this b4 i started dating him 3 months ago. He is super shy and quiet, polite and sweet…nice guy..until all the red flags start popping up. He totally chased and pursued me. Try to convince me he loved me…and would do anything for me to give him a chance and date him exclusively..and said i want to see where this could go. He would text me all day every day and yes he he spent a lot of money on me and gave me expensive gifts and bought $200 bottles of DOM and brought them to my place to come hang out all cuz he wanted s*x! Then my sweet prescious little dog died..he came over and laid in bed with me holding my dead dog crying…then..he tried to have s*x with me on the side of my dead dog!!! He then took my dog to the vet to be cremated for me cuz i just was to heartbroken to do it. As soon as he dropped her off he texted me and broke up with me!! On valentines day!! Said he didnt sign up for this he just wants to get his d**k wet!!! Then the next day he said he was sorry and regretted saying that and convinced me to take him back. Like an idiot i did. Yes he got shady..leaving his phone in the car…wouldnt text or answer text after 7pm..never stayed the many things..said he broke up with his ex cuz she had cervical problems and they couldnt have s*x..but says they are still best friends. He kept telling me he loved me and we were exclusive but his fb status said single and when i questioned him he broke up with me saying he wants to get married and have kids right away and since i cant have kids..he needs to move on…and yes im going to go dr to have an std test. He is a liar cheater shady monster…but his baby face and shyness fools you!! He is selfish and he only wants to get his d**k wet..and will lie and say whatever it takes to keep climbing into bed with you..the constant text messaging is just to keep u hooked and connected to him..once i didnt reply for an hour and he freaked out. He has serious issues..true story the end!

  7. Youre 50s years old on this page with no life . I may be 15 but get a d**n life fr fr . You stuck around w him stop being on people’s back ? . Wanna talk about them being gross and pathetic, but u out here as a street walker . Stop stressing people down and move on!!!!

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