Peter James Bromfield, Closeted Gay Male from Tempe, AZ

This freak (known as YouTuber Haseeb2) takes it in the b**t from homely, middle aged, flabby, married white men. Bromfield’s colon is a storage locker, containing many loads of diseased nut gravy.

In his spare time, when he’s not making boring YouTube videos or taking in the a*s by old white men, he spends his useless time, putting females (he doesn’t know) on blast, for not sleeping with black men. Bromfield hates on white women, because he can’t have one or be one. So exposing them is his hobby; his passion in life, besides being a closet h**o and a YouTuber w***e.

Don’t deny it, Peter. That submissive bottom in the picture is your flaming a*s, bending over for d**k.

One thought on “Peter James Bromfield, Closeted Gay Male from Tempe, AZ

  1. Why bother to censor any comments if you allow people to post this like this. Whoever is in charge of this site has a severe learning disability and a lowlife.

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