Percy Golden, Jacksonville, Florida

Percy Golden is a total sociopaths narcissist who lies, doesn’t care about people that treat him the best. He’s a good actor and is crazy making. He totally emotionally abuses you as he trains you through his controlling jealousy, then once you have nothing left but him, he treats you like a piece of poo that he never cared about. He’s terribly immature, can’t take responsibility for anything, Never sees reality for what it is, always is calculating and thus suspects you being so disgusting minded. He thinks women are much less than him in general and he can’t even ever solve a problem, admit fault, apologize, think about anyone else but himself and seriously hates psychology because he doesn’t want to even face the truth of who he is. He seriously cold and affectionate at first only to take that away and never touch you or show love. The harder you try to be perfect for him, the more he chews you up and spits you out. He will say anything to get laid.



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