Patrick Rose, New Haven, Connecticut

Ladies PLEASE beware of this sociopath. I met Patrick (not even sure if that is his real name since he lies about everything) on He comes off as funny and cute (huge nose though). We hung out for a good month and things were really great, but then all of a sudden he had to take clients out every night to the “casino” (he works for a chemist company). We planned to go away for a weekend in NJ (which i paid for) and days leading up to the trip he kept telling me how he couldn’t wait to go on the trip and couldn’t wait to see me…he missed me so much. Well the day before Thanksgiving i get a text from Patrick (he is 30 years old) stating that he didn’t think the relationship was working and he didn’t want to see me ever again. I was cool with it and moved on quickly. Two months later guess who tries to contact me on….PATRICK. He states he was “scared” to love since he is a divorcee. He changed his ways and wanted a second chance to show me how much he loved me and cared….I gave him a second chance even though I knew he would blow it. Well 2 weeks later the texts and the phone calls started to dwindle…he promised me dinner and got “sick” the night we planned on going out. He stated that after he went to a wedding and did stuff for work his life would be calm and we would have a chance to go out…after that I never heard from him again until I went on facebook one night and saw that he went away to Rhode Island for a romantic getaway probably with some other chick he met on 2 days ago Patrick decided to contact me stating he couldn’t give me up and that he had a lot of emotional problems blaming his ex wife. BUT during our conversation he admitted to not contacting me due to the fact that he met this girl, but she started playing with him so he wanted to contact me…..Ladies please beware. This man or should I say boy is a complete nutcase…he plays with your heart makes you believe he loves you and cares then will disappear with some other chick until that girl catches on to his game. Once he has nobody he will contact you and then once he finds someone else he will ditch you. He is also a waiter a TGI Fridays in Orange, CT. He is a true loser….he hangs out with 20 year olds, lives with this skanky indian girl in a very sleazy apartment in NH. He thinks he is cool with his LEASED infiniti. Thats pretty much all he has to his name. Don’t even try to kiss him…he has these massive lips that he has no clue what to do with and this big a*s clown nose that gets in the way. I believe he still trolls internet dating sites for his next victim…don’t let it be you.


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