Oxana Fedorova, Russian Federation, Russia

Oxana Fedorova/Oksana Fedorova who has her beginnings in Pskov, Russia can most certainly be described as a Racist, Biased Bigot and a Racial Discriminator. This is an aspect that is part of the makeup of her character and her nature though it is very well disguised and secretly hidden. However though the wickedness of racism, prejudicial bigotry, and racial discrimination may be greatly hidden and cunningly cloaked and masked from outside public view by Oxana Fedorova it still remains a great deception that is certainly found within her.

This indeed is a most contemptible and a most corrupt aspect of the character of Oxana Fedorova because of the sickening poison of racial prejudice that is found within her. This toxic substance that is internally within Oksana Fedorova must indeed be noted about her concerning her as an person. Racial dscriminators like Oksana Fedorova must indeed be unmasked for the toxic substance of bigotry and prejudice which is a part of their internal makeup.

It is like an evil plague that some are indeed infected with because they would rather prefer to operate with this deceitful and evil disease that is against the common unity that exists with all people regardless of the race that they belong to and such is indeed the case with Oxana Fedorova the racist bigot which she must certainly receive full vilification, denouncement, disapproval, and condemnation for.

Note: Her racist bias, attitude, and racial prejudice has been against African-American males in particular in regards to being in serious relations with them. The term “serious relations” is a Russian term for having a serious relationship with someone.


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