odessa tx 79762

Christopher Verndale Cornell born on October 7 1974 is an HIV positive, pathological liar, manipulating, callous, calculating con artist who lacks accountability, guilt, nor remorse. In other words, this man is a narcissist sociopath. He has 3 other siblings and their names are tattoed on his left forearm.He lies that he is a head frac engineer who has worked for Chevron in Odessa, tx for over 6 yrs. Lol. His lies do not even add up. He is 5ft 2 and weighs over 225 lbs yet he claims he attended UT Austin on a basketball scholarship. He can hardly spell, let alone add 2 and 2 together, yet he falsely claims he has a Masters in Electrical Engineering. As long as his lips are moving, he is lying.
Everything is about games, lies and manipulation. He has 4 cell phones. He has used 432 302 0843, 432 302 0743 432 302 1794 and 432 305 0583. Eveytime someone finds the truth about him, he changes his number. If you know anything about narcissists, you will know they do not like being found out. He currently stays at 2201 rocky lane 2301 odessa tx 79762. He will try to move in with you asap and will start making plans to get married and have babies asap so he can lock you in. His main goal is to secure supply so he can “play video games all day long.” His exact words. If you are not careful he will use you and bleed you dry and leave you hiv positive. Be smart, request a background check and blood hiv test and watch him disappear into thin air.
Christopher Verndale Cornell has a tiny w****r the size of a walnut. He suffers from low self esteem and short man syndrome. He is highly insecure because of his short stature. He manipulates women for food and shelter. He will charm the pants off you and tell you what you want to hear. He will say he truly loves you and wants to marry you whilst he is saying the same thing to 10 different women. He does not like to use a condom and will sulk and cry when you make him put one on. He does this because he wants to spread HIV to as many people as he can. He tried to tell me he was allergic to latex. When I asked for medical proof, he quickly changed stories. I insisted on getting tested together and he kept coming up with excuses until he ran out of excuses. Come to find out this dude is HIV positive and has herpes and gornorhea. He takes combivir for his HIV and acyclovir for his herpes. Christopher Verndale Cornell is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal record including domestic violence and restraining orders. He is incapable of loving. He has zero accountability and does not honor financial obligations. This man has not paid taxes in over 15 years. He owes over $60k in child support. He has 4 kids with 4 different women. He only claims Caylon, whom he fathered with Tabitha S, and he also claims Adrianna the 5 yr old. What about Chris Jr and Jayden. This man is a joke. He cannot be fixed. Run away as fast as your legs will carry you.
This man is on numerous dating websites, hookup sites as well as swinger sites. At the same time he will be telling you that you are the best thing to ever happen to him. He will start by comparing you to all his exes and putting you on a pedestal, then slowing devalue you. If you are smart, you will leave at that instant. If not, he will discard you brutally.
He says he is an engineer at Chevron yet he works at Walmart making $9/ hr . He also used to work at Venables Construction in dumas tx. He has nothing to his name and can’t even save money on his own. He will ask you to cosign a car note for him, please do not. Once he gets what he wants, he will leave you . He lacks remorse or guilt for his actions. He has poor credit and will ruin yours if you are not careful. He wears dentures because some of his teeth are missing due to drug use. His own family is sick and tired of him and they do not want anything to do with him. Protect yourself. He is HIV positive.


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