Noemi Troche, Florida

Noemi is a “Pathological Liar – Cheater” … Warning to all Men, especially to those who are 40 and over, professionally employed & financially secured. Noemi has a “Erick” tattoo on her right upper chest, it is the name of her Convict Husband who she visits every week. She tells the men she meet’s, it’s either her little brother, or it is her X-Husband who she is separated. She is a “Nude Dancer”, who does more then just dance inside the club(s). She has seen and been on more hotel pillows then a chocolate mint. Noemi is in the oldest profession in the world. What you think your getting for free, so many have paid to see her and be with her. Money’s the matter, if your in it for Love, you ain’t gonna get far. Her two True Love’s are “Money and her Convict Husband”


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