Noel Adel Jaco Farhoud

This trashy lesbian gave me herpes!!! She goes around posing as a woman but is a transgender male..please be careful of this liar. She will tell you lies and sleep with all of your friends! She has HIV and herpes and can’t be trusted!


3 thoughts on “Noel Adel Jaco Farhoud

  1. Who ever posted this c**p is a complete piece of s**t. This is my family, and this is a complete lie. I guess you are very brave behind a computer. While this brave women went over seas and fought for her country. If this is the way you stand beside your American solders we want nothing to do with you. Shame on you Michelle, take another pill and keep nursing your patients. The truth will come out.

  2. LMAOOOO!! Who has this kind of TIME on their hands? Literally?!?!?! This is a very MARRIED mother of 3 who is a great mom! Find someone else to pick at, this s**t is getting old. I guess you think that your IP address cant be found and you can’t be sued for defamation of character!

  3. Lies Lies and More lies….sounds like someone has WAY too much time on their hands…..the IP address for these posts is in the process of being traced. Hope you have a job, defamation of character is a h**l of a lawsuit to be slapped with.

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