Nita Conn, Morehead, Kentucky

Affair began in July, 2011 and went on with headjobs and s*x in a park loop off Route 36, a quarry off Flemingsburg Road in Morehead, travel to Cave Run lake and her house the week of October 8, 2011 with a**l s*x. She just moved into a trailer in Farmers, KY or close to, and the layout of her trailer: walk in the door to the kitchen, bedroom to the right with the bathroom, and livinroom to the left. Box of s*x toys, including vibrating red bullet b***s on a string with she performed with in her living room floor. This woman likes to claim that all her men have something wrong with them in order to get sympathy from men to open the door to an affair. She goes after men with money, is very aggressive, likes to befriend men as a friend giving marital advice. Likes to claim ex husband Tim is a stalker, claims current boyfriend who she was with at the time of having an affair with a married co-worker that he did not like her children because he felt she stuck them with him all the time. Additional claim that she later felt he was too interested in the older daughter. She had an affair on her husband, got knocked up and then claimed it was husband’s child. Arranged for husband to visit in the hospital during visiting hours. while biological father came in the off hours to visit the child. Ex husband caught her and married man in car on verge of having s*x but she claimed that it was her current boyfriend and then claimed to the married lover that Tim was a stalker. she likes to pretend she is a Christian and that she just got divorced then as time goes on, will begin telling the real story in bits and pieces.


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  1. Nita has now had a third affair with a married man and found someone pitiful enough to leave his new wife and new baby. Again, another affair with a coworker. She is now Nita Conn Collins, who married this man two weeks after his divorce was final.

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