Nik Milos Belcevich

Nik Belcevich is the biggest w***e, cheater, liar, and scumbag!!! He played with my heart and my feelings just for the fun of it. He only cares about himself! He had another girlfriend the whole time he was seeing me. He lives in West Hollywood, CA and sleeps with p**n stars, hookers, and anything he can stick it in. He degraded me and was very demeaning. He was abusive emotionally and verbally. He was also STALKING me recently as well at Warwick nightclub. He has famous friends who he had keeping tabs on me as well that night. He is a club promoter at Warwick nightclub, so ladies if you see him RUN!!!! He’s the biggest joke in Hollywood! He thinks he’s G*d’s gift to the world and thinks he can treat women however he pleases. He has no remorse for the pain he’s caused me and thinks it’s fun to hurt others. He’s a psychopath! He preys on innocent pretty women only to break their hearts. He’s been posted on several times. I hope this post helps someone else. Nik Belcevich, I hope you ROT in h**l where you belong!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Nik Milos Belcevich

  1. Great post!!! This guy is a TOTAL JERK, I know him! I know his w***e girlfriend too! Her name is Naomi Lynn Moore. She’s so dumb, she thinks she has a prize, but Nik is a complete scumbag!!! This is a pic of Naomi’s dumb a*s in a hotel room doing showing her business, lol!

  2. I know of him as well! It’s about time someone put his a*s on blast and expose him for the evil b*****d he is! Yeah, his girlfriend is totally dumb if she thinks he’s faithful to her, lol! Here is a pic of Nik so girls will know what he looks like…

  3. OMG, I know him, what a douche bag! He tries to come off as this really nice guy, but he sooo isn’t! He has slept with the entire city of Los Angeles! He has famous friends and connections and because of that he thinks he can treat people any kind of way. His mom should’ve swallowed!!! You deserve better anyway girl, glad you exposed this fool!

  4. LOL! Finally, this idiot gets his karma!!! Yeah, he’s been featured on several times and I just swap him recently on there. He must have gotten it taken down with his connections. Why does he keep doing these things to women? Will he ever growing up and be a REAL man? His instagram is @nikbelcevich, he thinks he’s soooo cool, what a moron!

  5. Nik is a narcissist. I have been fortunate experience as to encounter him. I did not agree to have a threesome with him and he degraded me and kicked me out of his apartment because I would not have s*x with him he is the biggest piece of s**t in the world. He is known as nightmare Nik.

  6. Nik is a HORRIFIC guy!!! He hurts people (especially women) and gets a joy out of it. He is a pathological liar, manipulater and a narcissist. He’s supposedly in a relationship but cheats on her. He’s just an all around horrible guy and his friends don’t even know who he really is. He is pure EVIL!!! He’s very good at hiding his true self. He puts on a front for social media, etc. He’s super controlling and disrespectful. I’m not surprised about the other comments, he definitely gets around. He truly is a nightmare!!!!

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