Nicollette Ramkissoon, Nationwide, Trinidad

If ever there was someone who is evil, proud, selfish, arrogant, pompous, high and mighty, and full of themselves it is Nicollette Ramkissoon. This woman who comes from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago is all of these things and more. Nicollette Ramkissoon only cares about herself and does not care about others regardless if she hurts others or damages the character of others in the process. She is truly the essence of what evil is once you get to know her past her so-called “friendly outlook and persona.” She has been known to cheat on her boyfriend in the past and did so regardless if it caused emotional scars and emotional wounds to occur in the process. This ugly-hearted, sickening, nasty, obnoxious, foul, revolting, and filthy woman also knows how to back stab someone who might have been good to her by spreading vile and disgusting rumors about them. Nicollette Ramkissoon is definitely someone who should never, ever be trusted being that she is a heartless, cold, ruthless, malicious, malevolent, vindictive, bitter, hate-filled, menacing, wicked witch and troll. This dirty, evil-minded, and mean-spirited woman must be held answerable and responsible for her conniving, immoral, indecent, and obscene ways and that is the reason why this is written because to put it this way, If vomit had a name it would be known as: Nicollette Ramkissoon and no smart or sensible person wants to ever have themselves be messed on by vomit. Keep away from the pure evil that this guilty and deceptive woman named, Nicollette Ramkissoon truly is. You will be glad that you did.


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