Nicole Lafave

Nicole Lafave also goes by Nicole Watson. She is a cheating and homewrecking h**r who stole my x-husband, got pregnant and then aborted his baby after he said he would’nt leave me. She used to stalk my x after college classes and follow him to his work places. She came to our home and harrassed myself and my young children by banging and ringing the doorbell 50+ times. She gave my husband HPV and she lied about him being abussive to her because he never wanted to be with her nasty a*s. She is married now to a horrible and absive guy named Doug Lafave who she is only with because he worked near where she could stalk my x husband. I hope that someday justice and charma bite this dirty home wrecker in the a*s. She pretends to live a professional life supporting people but she really is a mean hearted and evil woman. Everything I have written is unfortunately true and I wish Nicole never preyed upon my husband than maybe we would still have a healthy family for the children.


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  1. This is the man she is sleeping with now while she helps hime break up his family in Ithaca NY. Once a homewrecker always a homewrecker.

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