Nicole Lafave

Nicole Lafave who works in Ithaca NY at Cornell Cooperative Extension Center and Cornell Public Service Center: is a manipulative and deceiving person.

Doug Lafave
Nicole Lafave
Nicole Watson

Nicole Lafave also goes by Nicole Watson. She is a cheating and homewrecking h**r who stole my x-husband, got pregnant and then aborted his baby after he said he would’nt leave me. She used to stalk my x after college classes and follow him to his work places. She came to our home and harrassed myself and my young children by banging and ringing the doorbell 50+ times. She gave my husband HPV and she lied about him being abussive to her because he never wanted to be with her nasty a*s. She is married now to a horrible and absive guy named Doug Lafave who she is only with because he worked near where she could stalk my x husband. I hope that someday justice and charma bite this dirty home wrecker in the a*s. She pretends to live a professional life supporting people but she really is a mean hearted and evil woman. Everything I have written is unfortunately true and I wish Nicole never preyed upon my husband than maybe we would still have a healthy family for the children.

Her so-called x-husband Doug Lafave: Doug Lafave of Ithaca NY is a cheater and a preditor on naïve black women. He has many children by three different woman and he does not care for any of them. He has clamitea and herpes which have gone around his circle of friends all through ithaca ny. He often joins his friends in ‘gang’ s*x sessions when his current gf is busy with college work or other jobs. I was with him when his current gf was pregnant with their child. Beware of him pretending he is a good dad to get in your pants. He lies and is not to be trusted around other peoples children because he has anger management problems and can be physically and mentally abusive. I feel sorry for his bm’s


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  1. Here is a pic of her cheating x-husband: who cheats on Nicole because he knows that not all of his children by her are actually his. Apparently her children belong to my x-husband who Nicole Lafave has been f*cking since 2005-2013. F*ck this sloppy mess of pretencia and illusion.

  2. Anthony Gallucci I never ever ever take the time to feed into your psychosis. But at this point I have gotten in touch with law enforcement and your police department in Boulder, CO will be reaching out to you as early as tomorrow. The lies that you are spreading isn’t hurting me or DJ, it could possibly hurt my children though. As a father I would expect more from you. Dj and I love our children from the moon and back, and when you attempt to hurt my family, the mama bear will come out with a ferocious roar that will burn your d**n afro off. You are a 30+ year old man raising two daughters, focus on your children and being the man you would want your daughters to spend their life with, not this pathetic man who hides behind a computer screen using the internet as a battlefield to. For the sake of your children I hope you get the mental help that you need. I will not respond to any of your phony Facebook accounts, hacked emails (which ICSD was able to trace back to you), or any other attempts to get my attention. All these nasty things you have posted on the internet may have gotten me in a tizzy for a moment, but I know who I am, my community knows who I am, and every day I strive to be my best self even when the status quo is knocking at my front door to remind me I’m a second class citizen in this country. So Anthony Gallucci please stop attempting to break me because you won’t . My children and my social activism work keeps me grounded and humble every single day. I hope you can say the same thing one day.

  3. Are you kidding ms. Watson? You know d**n well what you did to our family. You aborted my husbands baby and held it over his head by dating a teacher at our daughters school all while still communicating and stalking Anthony until 2013. You may lie to yourself, your children and your sleezy x-husband but you can’t lie to my daughters or yourself. My daughters witnessed and spent time traveling to NYC with you and Anthony all while I sat at home pregnant. You have been cursed Nicole Watson or Lafave, I know, you have and shall continue to suffer for killing my daughters half sibling in vein only to marry an abusive sleezbag and your other immature actions. You are what it means to be a home wrecker and you are the reason that Black Women suffer in the US. Go to h**l quickly you lying heffer

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