Nicky Jones, Wabash, Indiana

Nicky Jones will use you while she f***s everything with a d**k, after we started dating I found out that she was cheating with two other homies at the same time. Ive been f*****g her on a steady basis along with some other guys I know. I still cant believe her boyfriend that she is engaged hasn’t found out since multiple guys are c*****g inside her weekly. Never met a girl who would suck you off and then want you to stick it in her p***y while you were c*****g. She will suck any c**k for 10 dollars.. Nicky is a Hoe and S**t and she is a S***k Has Herpes and will not tell you rather. You f**k with this chick you better get your junk checked. I received funk and she claimed to be a virgin. This chick has one stinky assed box… unbearable!


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