Nickolas Tyler Walker. Gallatin. Tennessee, USA

He comes off as a perfect gentleman. When I first met him, I told friends and family I had never met a guy so sweet. On top of being sweet, funny, and kind (I thought!), he’s an ER physician (at Tennova, the old Gateway in Clarksville, TN). At the beginning, he said and did all the right things, and I felt as if I had met my soulmate; however, this man is not what he appears to be at all. He is a fraud. He lived a double life you could say..Or 4, 5, 6 different lives. When this man asked me to marry him, I couldn’t wait to start planning. I was so happy to be engaged to this man, or who I thought he was at least. Little did I know, he had also asked a number of other women to start picking out rings so they could start their own wedding planning as well. While engaged, he dated and talked to countless other women (sexted Techs where he worked at Tennova/Gateway and texted one of his young female patients)..he discussed with them how beautiful and smart their children would be, where they would get married, how he would make them the happiest girl in the world..And I was blind to it all, and also while he was telling me the same exact things. He literally lived multiple lives, and I had not even the slightest clue. I had found him on a dating site early on, as well as odd texts, but I had no idea how serious things were with these other women. He is very cruel person. He talked about how disgusting women’s bodies were after having children and how gross mine would be. He shamed every aspect of myself, every part of my body, constantly. From my thighs to my face, when he got mad, nothing was off limits. This man is one of the cruelest human beings and one of the best con-artists I’ve ever met.


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