Nick Bellotti, III. Bloomfield, Ontario

Nick Riback was the name he gave me. I dated him in 2012. He acted like a good guy but was a man w***e, dating and sleeping with whoever would take him. Come to read more posts bout him and find out he was a Catholic priest from Newark New Jersey for at least 4 years. He was homosexual as well. I kind of figured that because he never liked head from a girl. I thought he was molested but it could be both. He cheats and lies constantly. Can stop himself. He is gross and may have diseases . He is really NOT good in bed either that is the funny thing. I heard after all these years he still is living with mommy and daddy. based on other profiles I see online. He can’t seem to hold any job too long and he still has no friends. All signs of deep mental illness. Do touch this one at all.


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