Neesha Sirjue, La Romain, Trinidad and Tobago

Neesha Sirjue is a wicked and an evil individual who has been known to spread malicious lies with the intention of damaging the reputation of others as well as causing splits and divisions between people. This woman has mental sickness it seems written all over her. One should not get fooled with her pretty face because behind the scenes lies someone with a dark and ugly personality.

In addition, Neesha Sirjue has been known to borrow sums of money from individuals and never pay them back. Some individuals have reported that when they have asked back for the money they loaned her that she has never been willing to pay them back even though she had earlier promised them that she would. In other words, she basically scammed these people out of their money that they were very kind enough to loan to her out of the goodness of their heart.

However, her ultimate crime seems to be being a cheater and someone who behind the scenes is unfaithful, false-hearted and treacherous and she carries on her unfaithfulness in a very sneaky and a very secretive way unknown to many people but I managed one day to accidentally come across her with someone who she was very affectionate towards who was definitely not the main person in her life that she is currently in a serious relationship with. Beware of this two-faced snake named Neesha Sirjue because she is truly full of a poisonous personality as well as disgusting and poisonous ways.


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  1. Where are the facts supporting these allegations ??? When claims are being made without solid evidence ,this site aids those who twist information with the intent to damage the reputation of people

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