Nathan chaney

He is a paranoid schizophrenic he makes things up in his head an accuses people of them. When in fact he was talking to other young girls that work at a local McDonald’s. He said I tried to help my daughter cheat on her boyfriend an other things like that. He’s had two manic episodes in a year freaking out on me out of no where accusing me of things that were false he is cold hearted an narcissistic freak I fell for him hard an it’s taken 9 weeks to get over this jerk he never showed any sympathy he just wanted me to lie an tell everyone it was a mutual break up. He did this same thing to the last gf he had now I know why she flipped out. So lady’s just a warning I don’t want to see another woman with a broken heart. He lives in oak grove, Arkansas he has nothing an will leave you without a second thought!


One thought on “Nathan chaney

  1. There is another report on him on this website make sure to read it. I’ve heard nothing but crazy things about this so called man. I’ve heard all the stories from an ex of his if all the women he encounters reads up on him hopefully they run the other way unless you like your emotions an heart completely broken down an messed with. You can’t trust him he changes his mind more than his underwear!

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