Nathan Chaney from Oak Grove,Arkansas

I met him on plenty of fish we dated for 3 months an he moved in with me an my son. Things were perfect for about 4 months an then he snapped an made up some crazy delusional bs then he decided it was crazy that he did that I talked him into getting put on meds for his paranoia he was always thinking someone was plotting against him. The meds ended up working great he felt relief but that was short lived he said the meds were altering him to much so he got off of them then it happend again these other stories would take forever to write. Nobody will ever be what he wants because he makes crazy things up he gives a relationship 6 months to a year an literally counts down weeks days it’s nuts he’s a heartbreaker an a cheater but will deny an swear he’s not that way he’s full of s**t he uses he was married for 20 years to a woman that got him at 18 an she was 13 years older he was sleeping with her daughter before her he is a true narcissus an a complete phony fake a*s person he will fool you I’m not easily fooled but he got me for a year an two months an dropped me in a heartbeat after I was told numerous times I was what he was waiting for his whole life. So ladies in Arkansas or where ever he may find you beware!


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