Natasha Kelley Case, Iowa

Natasha is married to Aaron. Cheated with Tyler and Matt and maybe Jeremy. Jacob is making a magazine from pictures I sent him. Andrew used to date Natasha and they have a kid together. Jimmy is one of Natasha friends. I posted most of the other comments and emails. Some came from another website where she is posted. Short story is Natasha has been a cheater since at least 16 years old if not before that. Any guy who shows her attention or she can use, she f***s regardless if they have a pregnant girlfriend or are married. I’m her family and she messed with my boyfriend. Shes cheated on her husband with at least 2 different guys in just the last year. Matt and Tyler both, she says they were separated but she only moved out last August. She lies about everything and talks s**t about people depending on her mood that day. She can be very nice if she WANTS something. She owes multiple people money and likes to play games with people. I got tired of all her bullshit and blaming the world for her problems, just like our MOTHER did. Shes a s****y wife, MOTHER, friend, SISTER, and person in general. She only has 2 or 3 friends cause shes screwed over all the rest. I think she needs some serious counseling to change her ways. Shes documented bipolar but doesn’t take her medicine. That’s pretty much it. I hope she does change her ways some time soon


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