Natalie McCane, Whitestone, New York

I admit that I was a complete idiot for using the US Marriage Visa program to bring a desperate Russian woman into the United States. Sheltered Americans like me typically have no idea what poverty-stricken people will do to get out of their failed countries. I still can’t believe I was THAT frustrated with the dating scene in my city. What a nightmare. So after a back-and-forth email series using an interpreter, I picked this attractive young Russian girl out of a catalog. i had no idea what I was getting myself into. We met in Moscow and spent a couple of weeks touring Russia (which I really liked). Looking back, there were definitely signs that she was a sociopath but the language barrier kept me from clearly seeing it. Anyway, after a couple of trips to Europe to see her, I unfortunately decided to start the marriage visa process (Russians are not allowed into the US without a visa). i’ll never forget the taxi driver in Amsterdam when I went to pick her up at the train station – he spoke good English so he asked what I was doing in Amsterdam and i told him. He just about had a fit saying “you brought an Eastern European into my country? You Americans are so naive. Please make sure she leaves the Netherlands as soon as possible”. Still, I was too stupid to know any better. After a very long waiting period, her visa to the US was approved. I met her at the airport here and showed her my new home, which I had built for the purpose of having a family. She was impressed, for about ten minutes and then took it for granted right away. I worked hard to teach her English, paid for several classes, and finally she got a job as a checkout clerk at the grocery store. After a couple of years, and because I’m in sales, I paid for her to go to realtor training. She had no prior education so even without considering the language barrier, there was no way to have a conversation with her on any subject – unbelievably boring. We went on many international vacations. I bought her a new Mercedes for her job using the European Delivery Program where you go to Stuttgart to pick up the car, drive it around Europe for a couple of weeks, and then they ship it to the US. After 5 years in the US she became eligible for US Citizenship. She took the class, got the citizenship, and then immediately demanded a divorce. At that time she committed the crimes of marriage and immigration fraud. She basically stole sixty grand using my own countries obsolete laws against me (no fault divorce & community property). She was so proud of her successful crimes at the time that she was elated, exclaiming “I’m above everyone”. I didn’t find out that she was an abusive alcoholic until after she got into the country. When she drinks, she gets real, real mean and nasty not to mention physically abusive (yeah, a 105 pound woman). Anyway, she moved 1500 miles away to a place where she constantly do the only thing that gets her off: drinking, smoking, and speaking Russian with other Russians. She has been in jail for DWI and g*d knows what else. I have harmed my country because of my own stupidity. Countrymen, please forgive me. The amount of harm she is going to bring to other Americans…….yeah, I feel bad about it.


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