Natalie Goodbred, Glens Falls, New York

This is Natalie and she has no shame in ruining married people’s lives. Shamelessly flaunting her s***k all over Glens falls, fort Edward, and Hudson falls and her own work, where she’s opened her legs for 2 men so far in the short time she’s been there. All for the sole purpose of attention because she thinks so little of herself as a human. My husband was a lured into her sick game. Now left with my kids asking questions and a husband living in a different room all she has to say for herself is that she’s proud of it. I feel for her dumbass boyfriend who doesn’t have the b***s to keep her either in check or leave her. She’s already ruined lives at her job and will continue with no end in sight. If you see this dirty slit stay far away, if you don’t you will regret the day you even looked in her direction. Sad excuse for a woman.


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