Mrs Brandon Brown, Conroe, Texas, United States

Mrs Brandon Brown is the EX- of Mr Brandon Brown (Conroe, Texas). She has been posting about a particular woman on different sites named: “Noel Adel Farhoud Jaco, Conroe Texas, Houston Texas” also named “Noel Jaco” or “Adel Nichole -aka- Noel Adel Jaco” whose current age as Mrs Brandon Brown posted elsewhere is currently 32 years of age (which of course will change with time), and whom she also claims is bi-sexual and married. This is the person she states without any hesitation cheated with her EX-husband and now which she has all the right to expose. Agreed if this was indeed the case of this being so.

However what Mrs Brandon Brown does not state is that she is also a racist and a bigot and a skin color discriminator who is against being with African-American men or Black men for serious relationship purposes. It was her racism and prejudice that caused her to reject these men determining that they were unfit to be with her in a serious relationship and instead choosing Brandon Brown instead who would later on cheat on her with someone else and thereby causing her to be in the mess she is now in. Shame on you for being the racially spiteful and racially vindictive individual and person Mrs Brandon Brown that you are which caused you to reject a certain type of man based upon skin color who could have ended up treating you much better. Racism and bigotry does come with a price and for Mrs Brandon Brown it has ended up seeing her being cheated on which could have possibly been prevented had she not been a racist and a racially closed-minded bigot that she had indeed been. It may be a heavy price that Mrs Brandon Brown has to pay but one that must be paid for being the racist sick-minded bigot she fully and totally is.


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