Mrs Billy Lee Scott, Bend, Oregon, USA

Mrs Billy Lee Scott of Bend, Oregon is someone who is posting about her estranged “mate” named: Billy Lee Scott, Bend, Oregon. She has every right and privilege to post about Billy Lee Scott from Bend, Oregon if indeed she has suffered mistreatment and damage. However what she will not tell you is that she is a racist and a bigot especially against African-American or Black men whom she has great racist and bigoted disgust for with her racist mentality towards them. It was out of her deceitful and dirty racist disgust and racist prejudice against their color of skin that caused her to reject and refuse to accept them because of their skin color and instead accept Billy Lee Scott from Bend, Oregon who would later on mistreat her and victimize her when Mrs Billy Lee Scott could have potentially and possibly been treated much better by those she had rejected on the basis of their skin color. Racism and prejudice comes with a pay day and one which Mrs Billy Lee Scott of Bend, Oregon must indeed experience in a very hard and severe way.


One thought on “Mrs Billy Lee Scott, Bend, Oregon, USA

  1. I know this couple personally and from what I have seen and heard, Mr. Billy Lee Scott and his father are the racists. His father is a known affiliate of a racist biker gang and they hang a confederate flag outside of their shared residence on Dean Swift Rd in Bend, Oregon. Drive by and check it out for yourselves.I also know her oldest child is part Hispanic which would make it very difficult to hate dark skinned people. Unless you are implying she hates her own child??

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