Morgan Woosley, Chicago, Illinois

Morgan is a consultant for Arcadia Solutions and manages the Alexian Brothers account in Chicago(look her up on LinkedIn). I met her at a Client meeting in 2015 while she was engaged. She was chubby for my taste but her t**s and pink nipples were always popping out of her shirt and she flirted with me constantly. One day I agreed to go out for drinks, got her drunk and f****d her in her car when her fiancee was out of town on business during the Summer of that year. I was surprised when she told me not to put a rubber on and to j**z inside of her which I did. I kept f*****g her on weeknights and days she told her fiancee she was at work. She broke off the engagement and wanted to be exclusive with me. I am not it chubby girls but the s**t kept paying for our dinners, drinks and even the hotels were we met at. She also gave me a few presents. We kept seeing each other and agreed to be exclusive after she dropped some weight. Right after NYE ’16 she was at my place one night and after f*****g her and jizzing inside her a*s, she passed out drunk and her phone started blowing up.I looked at her phone and saw she was snapping several guys the pics I attached here – Jeremy, some DJ and two latino guys Freddy and Gil all who were sending her c**k pictures. I also read some texts on her phone and realized she had screwed some guy at Arcadia’s Christmas party in 2015 and also another coworker right at the time I started f*****g her. She also slept with some dude at a lake in Wisconsin. At the time I read that, I got p****d but for some reason I got hard so I f****d her again in the a*s while she was passed out and when I was about to c*m I stuck my c**k inside her mouth for her to swallow my c*m and lick her a*****e juice at which time she woke up. I pretended like I didn’t know so she would lick me off clean and took a few photos of her doing so. She asked me to f**k her and I said no – that we needed to talk. It was then that I confronted her but she denied it so I told her I had seen the evidence. I asked her if she had used condoms with any of those guys and she said she had not. I told her to leave my place. I got tested for STDs the week after and found out I had chlamydia, HPV and Herpes. F*****g w***e! I heard she got gang f****d over Memorial Day weekend (’16) after getting rufied and that she is going on some s*x trip to Europe to a nudist resort and that she has posted online her travel itinerary and desire to get gang f****d. She is only 26 years old but this hag’s holes have seen more c**k than a 40 year old tramp! Beware guys out there – if you meet her you’ll probably f**k her as she is very easy to get in the sack. Wrap your d**k before you do so or you’ll end up with all that s**t. Unless you already have something then just give it to her. However, f**k her in her a*s bareback and have her lick your d**k clean! She gets wild when she gets buttfucked. Take a few pics while you do so because she is into that s**t…but DO NOT get into a relationship with this w***e!


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