Monica Lopez, Denton, Texas

All though she knew my husband is married to me and we have 3 kids together at the time we had just 2. She still threw herself at him while working temp position at genco a FedEx company in 2014-2015 my husband started working 10hrs everyday and started picking up weekend work as well. Little did I know I found out he let this b***h suck him off while at work on one of his breaks when he didn’t call me claiming he had so much work he wouldn’t be stepping out to call me. I didn’t think or even know he was cheating on me I thought he was working hard for our family and what we have but I was wrong.

Once I found out about this I looked for her and when I found her I sent her a msg on Facebook only for you to tell me she doesn’t like getting inbetween people’s relationship but yet she did a week later from that I found out he had also went to her place on Denton, TX. When he was suppose to be at work now while he was cheating he planned all to well because his paycheck and time detail showed he was at work but he wasn’t then I also found out they both got a hotel room with one another that also put back him calling me or contacting me at all for 3 hours on Saturday now after everything him and I talked and he told me that he was no longer speaking with her and he had dropped everything with her. But then came another Saturday he worked from 1 pm to 9 pm he didn’t come home that night I called him over 100 tiles and no answer finally at 12 he answered my phone call and I asked him where he was at and he didn’t want to answer little did he know I had bought a tracking device for his car that is used in case ones vehicle was stolen.

He didn’t know anytning of it so I tracked down his car and asked what he was doing in Denton at the address the tracking device picked up he then told me the truth and said he was at Monica’s house for a so called woman to get Involved with a married man you’re not a woman you’re a homewrecking little c**t who can’t find a man who isn’t married or in a relationship for that matter! No wonder you’re a single mother I hope you read this one day and know that your face is on shes a home because that’s exacltly what you are you have no self respect for yourself and no morals I hope one day your daughter goes through what you have made me go through and a female comes inbetween her marriage or relationship so that when it happens you remember me and what you did tearing out little family apart sadly for you, you’ll never have my husband because he’s dropped his joker and you’re that joker. You’ve done this to many other families as well I hope one day you pay for it!


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