Misty Maynard, Yukon, Oklahoma

Misty Maynard seems to like to chase after married men, have affairs, wreck their lives and then dump them. Her specialties are cyber s*x and meeting up for real life s*x. She gets a kick out of causing havoc and getting people to wreck their lives for her and has no guilt or remorse for the path of destruction she leaves behind.



2 thoughts on “Misty Maynard, Yukon, Oklahoma

  1. This is simply not true and a complete fabricating. Whoever posted this must be a vindictive person with s poor grasp of reality.

  2. Pregnant wife at home, she doesn’t care.
    You have Kids who will be devastated, she doesn’t care.
    Married with kids in college, she doesn’t care.
    Fiance, she doesn’t care.

    All she cares about is getting what she wants and will do anything to get it, and leave destroyed lives , families and relationships in her path. Pathological liar and self absorbed piece of trash.

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