Misti Harris Davis

I was best friends and coworkers with Misti. I was 8.5 months pregnant as well. Every time I had any problems with my son’s father, I would confide in her. Well when I got so far along, I went to stay with my grandparents just in case I went in labor and he was at work. Apparently, they started sleeping with each other the week before I had our son. The girl came to the hospital while I had my son, and continued to play the role as my best friend. Well when my son was just over a week old, his father broke up with me. We decided about a week later to try and work it out until a true friend told me what had been going on. I called Misti and she admitted it. I was utterly shocked and heartbroken. Needless to say I told him to kick rocks but I still wanted him in our son’s life. However, they started dating and she was intercepting messages I would send him about our son. She would tell him I was talking trash and keeping our son away because of her.

The reality was she was making sure he didn’t see him. She told me I was the dumbest b***h she ever met. Because of this homewrecker I will never again trust a female like I did.


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