Misti Dawn Friedl McBride Tolliver, Greensboro, North Carolina

It takes two to Tango. My Stepfather isn’t blameless but, my mother was once. It seems that the man all of us loved made a choice that has forever introduced mistrust and deceit into our lives. My stepfather wasn’t that man, he cherished our mom. He stood through all of us on so many events. Last November my stepfather made the fateful determination that he “wanted” a shoulder to cry on. What he claims began casually grew to become sexual and really private. Enter Mist Dawn Tolliver a.k.a. Fried, McBride..convicted Felon, bounty on her head. Drug user, bad mother(does not have custody of her sons). She started talking to our stepfather in November of 2014. She was involved in a car accident where things took a more serious turn. From the over 1000 text, Facebook page messages, my stepfather was falling in love with this nasty shank. She herself stated that he was married in a FB put up where she states, “it (marriage) doesn’t hassle me now, however could sooner or later.” She claims to like Jesus. How do you do this and destroy a commandment? How do you appear at your self daily? Within the 7 months of ongoing text, resort trysts, money given to her nasty a*s, a mobile, costs paid groceries purchased, my stepfather desired to be together with her. He talked of moving to West Virginia to be together with her. In could our mother confronted him. Slowly it started to travel and the entire story got here to light.


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