Missy Williams/Rachel DeCarlo Baltimore, Maryland

My husband found this b***h while looking for “sexy chat” on Craigslist. They exchanged photos and long stupid email/meebo exchanges. I have to put her name in quotes because when I busted their stupid a***s I got an email from a supposed husband. Turns out that was fake, too. This stupid b***h has done this before and has probably gone back to being a troll on Craigslist again. She actually told my husband she was p****d that she was stuck at the hospital with her kid when he dislocated his shoulder because she was supposed to be heading to the beach with her friends and the kid was “ruining her plans to get her drink on”.

She can take her saggy t**s, being “p**n star h***y drunk” and lizard skin and ruin her own life but h**l if I’m going to let her ruin mine. I feel sorry for her family for having such a stupid, sociopath of a w***e in their lives (if the stories about having 5 kids was true at all).


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