Mike Meyer, Shelton, Nebraska

I recently found that my boyfriend of 6 years has been having an affair with a sonic in the town he works at everyday Kathi Jo hulinski he says it was email only just talk but I have the emails he was meeting up with her in the bathroom and taking her out in the country with my cars during the day the sad thing is is she is a dog Im still confused. So her emails werent the only ones I found he has also been on craigslist looking up casual encounters in kearney, grand island, gibbon and holdrege area Im just wondering how many more girls are out there that hes cheated on me with we lived in elm creek before shelton he was going under the name of mike smith also his email for that name was big if you have talked to him or met up with him it is not your fault I just need to kno we have children I need to do whats best for them but be warned girls he gave me found out about it because I had a serious while I was pregnant with our first child he has a birth mark on his left eye he likes to talk about himself and hes a dirty untrustworthy little boy who thinks hes all that!!!!!!!!! My name Amy McTee if you kno anything please let me kno thanks


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