Mike Marriner, Laguna Beach, California

Mike Marriner broke my heart and is a big liar. Never believe what he has to say because he will lie to you before he can count to two. After I caught him cheating on me with my best friend he said he could not remember the affair because he was high on weed. lol The Pot Smokers Defense just does not play with this girl. He knew what he was doing and he did it numerous times. He said that he loved me but then he lied and cheated on me. He can stick his joints up his b**t for all that I care. I am finished with this lying a*****e. Go screw yourself liar Mike. You piece of c**p liar.



One thought on “Mike Marriner, Laguna Beach, California

  1. This made my day. This f’ing guy. I was just telling the story today what happened to me over a decade ago with this lying, insincere sociopath and I thought I would google to see whatever happened to him. Amazing. I will never question what happened again. This my friends is what they call closure. Whoever posted this – you ROCK.

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