Mike Lanigan Dracut, Ma. USA

Musician in Ma. Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath. History of Serial Cheating on every girlfriend , including someone he was engaged to since 20 years old. Serial Adulterer throughout his27 yr marriage with adultery in the 3 digits.
He is a loser. He will steal your soul . If you are his current victim and you think he’ll be different with you… Don’t be stupid. There is no therapy . There will be no change. You are no different and he does not love you. He doesn’t feel that emotion and has admitted that . He can and will mimic emotions.. As long as it benefits him. He needed a house vs an apartment or condo for his music. Bingo..
Use your brainGod gave you and stop being desperate. You deserve more. You deserve better.
Read the dates in the photo below. 4-5 months after he ” loved bombed” you and was spending every weeknight at your home until 11:30 and sleeping there every weekend.
Take care of yourself , take care of your family. He will affect them all. You’re not so ‘hooked” that you can’t boot him. He could care less about you. He’ll be looking for your replacement immediately. He’ll cry a little… Because of the house.


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