Micheal Sean, Utah

We we’re together for four years. We had our ups and downs but he always made it seem like it was my fault. This last year he cheated and got the b**** pregnant. Ehatade it worse she was due on my son’s (who he helped raise) birthday. He sexually assulted me before I found out he cheated and when he got caught he physically assulted me. He is a piece of s*** and I hope karma gets him. He has no respect for anyone or how they feel h**l he cheated on the b**** he got pregnant with a girl that had herpies and he was sexting a 16 year old from Oregon. He plays the victim card with everyone to try and make it seem like it’s everyone else’s fault. Don’t fall for his s*** and sure as h**l don’t sleep with his nasty STD self!


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