Michael V Gray Queens NY

Abusive drug addict! Will claim to be sweet and convincing, You will soon learn he is a narcissist and a pysopath. He goes by Mikey, Mike, has ID names like Italianmike, Mikeytruelove, etc His birthday is in November of ’86 Claims he’s a musician, chef, in school, works catering, he’s done so for literally a couple days, Cannot keep a job more than a month, Lives on SSI income for his disabilities mentally… I could go on, Is physically and mentally abusive, He frequently (when he has the cash) goes to Chinese massage parlors around the city and Steals money from family and from anyone he’s in a relationship with but once he gets money in his hands will try and use it to buy you things so it appears he “cares” , Don’t be bought by this!!! Will guilt trip you into staying by saying he will commit suicide, He’s been in hospitals numerous times for overdosing, Once he does not get his way he will go on a rampage. Whatever you do, do not meet up with this guy, do not by any means even get in contact with him he’s been on Craigslist, Plenty of fish, MeetMe, etc Also might mention he is a CONVICTED FELON FOR BURGLARY… Charges got dropped for harassment and numerous drug charges, He’s so good at what he does he even fools the system with the mental health excuse! Don’t fall for this!


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  1. You forgot to mention he has tats on his arms and neck, one of them is of his own name! Guy wanted me to live with him, NOPE. Unfortunately some other soul is going to have to deal with this guy.

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