Michael Smail, Oakville, CT, 06779

He’s supposed to be going through a divorce- we were best friends- no holds bar type. Come to find out his “wife” left n cheated on him- so in turn I came in to the picture. As soon as we were happy, the ex wife’s boyfriend went back to jail (go figure) abs she called Mike her name is Christina Smail- meanwhile mike when mike did time she slept w half the town- anyways- he used me, every word outta his “I’m so upfront n honest w you” mouth was all lies. His mom loves me and hates him- she told me to forget him- why I even gave him the time of day she doesn’t know. He is a true professional at lying- about himself, his financials, his “business” he has three kids that’s don’t talk to him. Even when he gets back w the “mom / wife/ ex” he pretends to be someone he isn’t. He’s a true sociopath, they both are. Long story short he used me whioe he plotted his revenge on the wife’s current boyfriend- he smashed in the boyfriend (Steve Curtiss of Waterbury CT) all his house windows. He’s facing serious charges. Asked me to lie for his “where abouts” Every time the wife leaves to go back to her boyfriend he comes back to me this is the third time abs now the last- he never had it so good but fr some reason a fat w***e keeps them coming back. Friends we were at first- relationship came later- I’m no home wrecker. I do what I want done to me. So that’s why I’m on here now. Blowing his s**t up. So anyone else G*D FORBID COME INTO CONTACT W HIM- run!!!! RUN FAR AWAY!!! He’ll pretend to care- abs h**l wipe you clean!!! Then the ex- wife (whatever she’s called bc they keep canceling their divorce date) she’ll stalk n blow u up. It’s almost like a tag team!! Btw- he’s STD POSITOVE BC OF CHRISTINAS WHORING!!!! She isn’t a responsible mother let alone a fat nasty stretched out w***e. She like putty. Lol. I am and have been tested and thank the lord Jesus Christ I never let him touch me without protection!!! Shame on me for believing his lies!!!


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