Michael Lee Reed, Lemoore, California

Michael and I dated for a short time and things went fast. He is in the navy and goes out to sea on deployment. He broke up with me and I am pretty sure that he had been cheating on me. Now he is with a new girl who is on deployment with him, but she is leaving the boat and he immediately emailed me and wants to get back in touch. He is still dating her and I don’t know her so I can’t just email her – she would just think that I was an upset ex. I know in the past he cheated on his now ex-wife, Tara, with another navy chick, Brittany. He broke her heart. Then he stole his friend’s girlfriend – and knocked her up and then cheated on her. Then he stole a friend’s wife and cheated on her. Now he is dating another navy chick, Spring. She is from his squadron. As soon as she is gone, he will find someone else and all of the loveliness that he promised her, he will throw out with the trash! He goes through women. He will promise everything and deliver nothing!


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