Michael Hubbell, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mike Hubbell of Colorado Springs, Colorado is a womanizer liar and cheater d**k and raper! He had cheated on me the entire time we were dating and then tried to make out like it was my fault he cheated! He tries to f**k every girl he meets and uses them for s*x. If they won’t have s*x with him he rapes them. He has tried to rape me and my underage girlfriends ! He is a looser and sicko with no friends and no girls that want him ! He raped a 14 yr old girl at Cheyenne Mountain High School and needs to be in prison. Ladies be careful of Mike Hubbell! He is a pro cheater ! He lives at 718 Capeglen Rd Colorado Springs Co his phone number is 719-684-5198



2 thoughts on “Michael Hubbell, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. HOLD THE F**K UP. He is a nice, respectable and compassionate person who loves him family and friends. This is BS posted by an extremely jealous, callous b***h that took the break up harder than a black d**k. This crazy b***h and her “groupies” are just disrespectful f**k twits. People make mistakes, but I know rape is NOT one he made. So get the splintery d***o out of your a*s and get over yourself

  2. I know this kid and have known him his whole life. He’s made a few mistakes but this is f*****g rediculous! How could someone post such horrible s**t about someone that isn’t true? You’re A stupid w***e

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