Michael Cade, Daytona Beach, Florida

It is unfortunate that whoever profiled him on dontdatehimgirl.com forgot to mention his age in the main profile, so I had to guess an age for him. I hope whoever profiled him on DDHG sees this and tells us his true age in case I guessed wrong. He might be years younger or older than what I guessed for him.:

“lives in Port Orange near Daytona Beach, FL. He is gay but he tries to pass himself off as a straight father who is divorced and dedicated to his sons. That is c**p. His sons live in another state. He goes on dating sites as a front. In actuality he does not want a woman. He shys away from them, does not want to have s*x with women and runs when things start getting serious. He also has *** from what I understand. If you come across him he drives a black Nissan Infiniti SUV with Ohio plates M E Cade. www.myspace.com/mikethekappa”


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