Megan Nguyen Dallas TX Makeup Artist

Socially awkward loser that uses any one to advance socially or financially. She is manipulative and a actress that can’t get a real job for having despicable reputation in Dallas. Friends and clients discarded her for what she did to Jacob , Kevin, and Matt. All in Dallas see through her. Megan used Jacob to co-sign for her car loan, also for his car to look rich. Jacob got rid of her, Megan continued to call 911 on him when she lived on Live Oak. Kevin co-signed for her apartment on Prescott after she was denied. Kevin did not let Megan drive his Audi so she called 911 on him 150 times until DPD surcharged her. By then Kevin moved. Megan is psycho and clingy. Kevin said she texted him today. I’m a relative of Kevin. A guy that’d date Megan has got to be nutty himself. Girl has no real job or income, and uses every one. Megan’s ex friend Sara said Megan got a dog to have conversation topic with neighbor guy, heard it worked for a couple of weeks until he figured her out. One has to wonder why Megan lost her job, tons of clients, and every guy she dates leaves Dallas shortly after. Maybe it’s because she wasn’t vaccinated.

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