Megan E. Barber, Vineland, New Jersey Child Sexual Predator

I am filing a complaint against Megan E. Barber, and the child sexual predator that she is. My son Mark was sexually molested at the age of 14 years old for s*x. Now my son is 16 years old my son told me she was fondling his genital area. The worse part is that she gave my son sexually transmitted diseases its called (Gonorrhea) the doctors at Nemours Children’s Clinic called the police and Children’s Services, Vineland Residential Center, Had came to the hospital made contact with me i did not know what was going on until i talk with my son in front of the case worker and police. thats when he told me he had s*x with Megan E. Barber, from the age of 14 years old until now. And the case worker and police was very upset they place Megan E. Barber under arrest. She went to jail. And the police officers told me she was registered s*x offender. I was not aware of that. I am filing a complaint against Megan E. Barber, at Better Business Bureau because Megan E. Barber, is very sick person she has destroyed my son life by giving this child Gonorrhea. This fat dirty b***h need to be shot. All i do is cry. I feel so sorry for my baby. I came very close to tell the police about her scams about her illegal business how she scams and she rips people off for thousands dollars. Rip people off she runs front organization it’s called (Barber Virtual Assistant Solutions) If you do a background check on her business you will see she is big fat liar that business in not in company building. This illegal business front is being ran out of her home. I know this i was always there and saw it. Do a background check on her company address 1205 Bucks Run, Vineland, 08360 NJ. (Barber Virtual Assisting Solutions) ( ((609) 501-2620) (866-314-7321) ( You will know the truth. She is big fat cow that preys on children. And on you. And people’s hard earned money. she is a crook! If you hear her voice or get email …RUN!


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