Megan Delamater, Lansing, Michigan

Ok so here’s my story. This all started back in January when my fiance and I got into an argument over how I got to work on new years day. I suddenly got blocked and deleted on fb and he blocked my number from calling him. Well of course we have mutual friends on facebook so they were all trying to figure out what was going on. I at this time was not sure what they were referring to as I couldn’t see his page. Well I ended up having people screen shorting his page and this girl was up on every single post with comments and sexual stuff. So of course I texted him (the texts still go through) and he would be on some bullsh*t of she’s just a friend and they never met. So a few weeks go by and This whole time everyone’s still telling me the things going on while he’s steady over at my house and with me. Well she’s still allllll over his page with him and he barely responded but on some occasions he would. Then in February things were going great with us and he moved in with me and deleted her off of his page. He was trying to show me that things were fine and he didn’t want her at all but he wanted me. We went two months doing just fine and not being bothered by her and then all of a sudden I see she’s back on his page. Well at first I didn’t say anything because she could see his posts to me which was funny because she liked them all. And he still was maintaining that he never met her. Well then one day I said something about how everything he posted she always had to like or comment especially with little winks and stuff. She tried saying they were just friends but then jumped in my messages talking sh*t to me. I ignored it for awhile until one day she commented on a status that I commented on saying that he didn’t want my crazy a*s…


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