Meagan Elaine Jenkins, Brandon, Florida

10 Months ago I met Meagan Elaine Jenkins on a site called Plenty of Fish and I thought I had found paradise in a gorgeous pregnant woman. She was 4 months pregnant and the guy who knocked her up was apparently out of the picture. Towards the end of the relationship in February 2012, I noticed texts coming from a guy names Chris on her phone. When I asked her about it, she said it was just a friend. A week later, Meagan admitted that was her baby’s father and thats when the lying was noticed. Meagan told me that she was done with me and she fell out of love with me. I asked her how long she had been feeling like this and she stated 2 weeks. The same time that her ex was contacting her. This cheater left me for the guy who knocked her up and wanted nothing to do with her the entire 10 month pregnancy. I was severely fooled and Meagan left me for a piece of c**p. This is something out of a Jerry Springer episode. I was humiliated, used and Meagan’s answer to dumping me was, “It Happens”.


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