Mayra Moreno, Dallas Texas

Could you imagine waking up next to this thing in the morning? Mayra, Isa, whatever the h**l her name is. B***h looks like Bozo the clown with that orange hair and drawn on eyebrows…and lets not even talk about the big baboon a*s lips. She had a bunch of pictures of her with all kinds of men on her facebook that she took off after I called the ugly a*s b***h out on it. Sad thing is, my husband swears he don’t know this b***h, but Ive seen the texts they have shared. And it has been said he was with her on a few occasions. I told his dumb a*s, if you f****d that s**t, you will never touch my a*s again. I don’t care how drunk you are…..I wouldn’t f**k this b***h with my dogs d**k. Ive texted her several times about her contacting him and talking s**t. Of course she denies it. Shes really dumb I guess and thinks I cant read. Ive done called his a*s out on this. He lost a good wife that trusted him, all over some bozo, sharpie drawing nasty a*s w***e.


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