Mauela Brooks, Texas

This woman was involved with my husband, who is equally guilty, and after she knew he had someone continued to meet with him to service him in various park locations. She tried to get him to leave me for her and when she didn’t get her way wanted to inform me of “his” infidelity. When they met she was married BTW, so they both were pigs. She resides in San Antonio TX and is an esthetician, name Manuela Brooks former wife of Lionel Brooks and has children. Women beware of this German w**** anxious to send nude photos and suck and f*** your significant other. She has a German accent and is quick to play victim when she realizes she is being used. So if you get facials lash extensions, etc from a Manuela don’t mention your personal life… Oh and if you send your husband to the local BMW dealership for service she just might service him while the dealership services the car, she’s not particular about where she gets down


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